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Building the Market for Your New Book
November 6, 2012; 2 pm EST
A 90-Minute Webinar
Co-sponsored by
The Presbyterian Outlook
and the Presbyterian Writers Guild

Thom Kephart

Okay, so you have written this fantastic novel, perhaps a sizzling romantic mystery, so what do you do now? Since you are neither famous or infamous enough to have agents lined up at your door, you decide to go the self-publishing route. Building on the wonderful information derived from the previous webinar by the Presbyterian Writer’s Guild and The Presbyterian Outlook, you work your way through the process of identifying a publisher and even getting your novel digitalized. Your book now exists.

Thom Kephart

Thom Kephart

Your novel would rival the DaVinci Code, but how do you build a market for your work? Even though you do not have a lot of money to invest in an advertising campaign, you have the amazing resource of the Internet. How can you make use of this rapidly developing resource to market your new book?
The Presbyterian Writer’s Guild, in cooperation with The Presbyterian Outlook, is providing you a Webinar to address this question. Thom Kephart will again be guiding this webinar. Thom Kephart works at as Community Outreach Manager responsible for independent publishing, brand building and awareness expansion He has emerged as a major player in developing the rise of independent publishing.

Plan ahead and save the date. Get ready to let the world know about what you have written.

Tuesday, November 6
at 2:00 p.m. EST
(11:00 a.m. PST)

Price: $29.95
$19.95 for Presbyterian Writers Guild members
To register, click here

–Stephen McCutchan

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