Constitution of the Presbyterian Writers Guild

  1. The Presbyterian Writers Guild is a network of individuals who value writing as a Christian ministry.
  1. A writer may join and may sustain membership by the payment of annual dues established by the Guild’s Board of Directors. Changes in dues are proposed by the Board of Directors and must be ratified by a majority vote of members in attendance at the biennial meeting.
  1. The Guild meets biennially at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The Board of Directors meets periodically (generally 6 times per year) by conference call.
  1. The Guild publishes an e-newsletter, The Writer, and other materials and information as determined by the Board of Directors.
  1. The Board of Directors of the Guild will consist of 12 members –- all with voice and vote — elected at the biennial meeting as follows:
  • Seven at-large Board of Directors members, elected for a six-year term, eligible for one additional term.
  • President, Vice-President, and Secretary, elected for a two-year term, eligible for one additional term.
  • Treasurer and Editor, elected for a four-year term, eligible for reelection with no term limits.

The corporate agent will be an ex officio member of the board, without voice and vote, elected to a four-year term, with no term limits.

Terms of office begin at the conclusion of the biennial meeting. The Board of Directors shall fill unexpected vacancies (death, illness, family circumstances, etc.) when they occur. Voting to fill unexpired terms may be conducted electronically.

  1. Committees of the Board of Directors are:
  • Executive Committee – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor.
  • Nominations Committee – three members
  • Honors Committee (David Steele Distinguished Writer Award, Lifetime Achievement Award) – three members
  • Best First Book Award Committee – at least one Board member plus others as co-opted).
  • Hines-Jameson Scholarship Committee – three members

The Board of Directors may change the committee structure as it deems necessary.

  1. This Constitution may be amended at any biennial membership meeting by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting, provided that members have been notified (generally in The Writer) prior to the meeting.

Approved June 12, 1987

Amended June 1, 1990

Amended June 7, 1991

Amended June 5, 1992

Amended July 1, 1996

Revised June 23, 2016