Join the Presbyterian Writers Guild 11

Would you like to become a member of the Presbyterian Writers Guild? You’ll receive a discount for our webinars and Writers Conferences. You’ll also receive our electronic newsletter, The Writer, an occasional publication. It contains news of members and lots of other helpful things, including news of our award winners, webinars and writing contests.

To join or renew your membership: Just fill out the membership form below. Mail it and your $25.00 dues payment to Emily Odom, PWG President, at the address below. If you would prefer to do this electronically, fill out the form, scan it and send it to Emily Odom ( stating your desire to join the Guild and pay by credit card. You may pay your dues by PayPal at PayPal.Me/PresWritersGuild

Email news of your writing activities to Emily or to newsletter editor Eva Stimson ( We publish those in The Writer and on our website.

Thank you.

Membership Form

Please fill out and mail to: Emily Odom, Membership, Presbyterian Writers Guild,

2336 Strathmoor Blvd.

Louisville, KY 40205

Dues for one year, $25.00 Date

____ Renewal _____ New Member ____ Change of Address or e-mail


Address: _________________________________________________________________


State _____________   Zip______________

Phone: _______________________


My check in the amount of $__________________ is enclosed for the year.

I’m including an extra gift for the work of the Guild for $ ______.  Thank you!

Please give us an update. Where do you work? What are you writing? Thanks!


Office use only: Check# _______ Date______ Thank you sent ________


  1. Hello….Mailing my (new) membership dues today and want to introduce myself. I live in Port Townsend, WA and write nonfiction and inspirational fiction. My most recent novel is titled Reading to Jane. I’m currently working on a nonfiction project. Lots of info on my website. Best, Carole

  2. Greetings! So excited to join this awesome group who share my passion for writing. The check is in the mail! I live in Knoxville, TN, where my husband serves the New Hope Presbyterian Church. My first book was published in October of 2014, titled, “Life With Charley: A Memoir of Down Syndrome Adoption.” Please visit my blog at
    I wish you every blessing. –Sherry Palmer

  3. How do I pay with PayPal? Also, is writing about religious stuff required? I am an historian, although my baccalaureate was about the role of the Dutch Reform religion in Apartheid.

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  6. I am interested in joining this writing guild, but have a question. Mainly, do I need to be a member of a PCUSA church? I am a member of an ELCA church, but have been a part of the PCUSA denomination in the past. My dad is a PCUSA pastor in Kentucky (Bardstown Presbyterian Church). I graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary with a Master’s of Arts degree (1998). I write on a number of topics. Thank you for your reply.

  7. I’m sending a check. I got an email last year offering only one way to pay, Paypal, and I don’t use that program. I’m including last year’s dues with this form for 2019. Thanks. Please offer more than one way to pay in future.

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